The use of a specific wavelength acts on the skin deep layer of fat, the fat is decomposed and liquefied, excreted

EmSculpt Neo is a non-invasive body sculpting treatments, the use of radio frequency (RF) and high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) the power to simultaneously build muscle and melt away fat. The machine emits a radio frequency to heat the muscles and melting fat cells, the half-hour course is equal to 20,000 sit-UPS.

EmSculpt Neo benefits:


Reduce fat


Improve muscle tone


Create the perfect body

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About radio frequency body contouring questions

Based on your treatment goals, you can place it on the abdomen, thighs and/or buttocks.
Whether there is pain: a, you may be in the treated area to feel strong muscle contraction and thermal sense, but the whole process was completely painless.

Emsculpt Neo the treatment is safe and without injury, the treatment process, the muscles will involuntary contraction and movement, almost like the other people in control, like your muscles. This is completely normal phenomenon.

In the EmSculpt Neo after treatment, you can resume all normal activity, any activity without any restrictions.

Bye Bye Fat

Use controlled cooling to safely target and eliminate stubborn fat projections, to resist our best diet and fitness efforts of the fat area,

CoolSculpting freeze fat cells, but not in contact with the muscles. When used, the temperature will make your skin numb, and then massage to break down fat cells.The study showed thatOnce a course of treatment an average of the results is reduced by 20% to 80% of the fat

CoolSculpting role:


To Reduce Thigh Fat


Reduce arm fat


The elimination of rich milk


Eliminate the double chin, to create a clearly jaw line


Reduce belly fat


Reduce back fat

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About Goodbye cellulite problems

As a non-invasive surgery, the CoolSculpting relatively safe. The surgical procedure common side effects include: a strong cold sensation, tingling, cramps. After treatment, you may experience temporary side effects, these side effects usually will be in the next few days to disappear. These side effects include: redness, swelling, bruising, tenderness, sensitive skin. The above belong to normal phenomenon, so no need to worry.

Normally a course of 45–60min.

According to each person's situation is different, and the requirements are different, the specific situation needs to face consultation decision.

Surgery almost immediately after the resumption of normal daily activities.

Bye Bye Hair

Based on selective photothermal principle, gently make hair follicle and around the stem cell loss of activity, and achieve the Permanent Hair Removal purpose

Freezing point Hair Removal whole process completely painless, the laser can be locked to the skin layer of the hair follicle cell, thereby to inhibit hair follicle growth effect. Easily get smooth skin.



Remove facial hair


Remove body hair

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About hair removal questions

Because everyone's situation is different, the General need 6–8 months of treatment can achieve permanent hair removal effect. The specific number of times you face consultation to determine.

First today, Laser Hair Removal has been a very Mature technology, and therefore the treatment process is very safe, no side effects.

Laser treatment is wholly safe and painless.

According to the site area is different, the time also different, generally for a facial treatment duration for 30min.

Treatment in the interval between 6-8 weeks.

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